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Beer… ooohhh beer… who doesn’t love one?…  a nice below zero beer, a nice place hhhhmmm… preferably on the sea shore, cool friends, reggae music on the background ohhhh….

But wait before I enjoy imagining that scene, didn’t you know that the beer we love so much is one of the oldest known beverage in the world, it is also the third most popular drink, water being the first and tea as the second.

We  gulp beer every time but didn’t you know that the latter is made up of 3 things:1. Water 2. Starch Source, malted grains, which determines the color and beer’s strength( which is usually 4 to 6% active) and 3. Hops,(Humulus lupulus)  female flower clusters,which gives the beers bitter flavor and it acts as its natural preservative.

People from all walks of life loves beer, want to know why? I listed some popular reasons why people, like me, loves having a bottle of beer once in a while.

1. Cheap and Plenty- As what I said a while ago, people from all walks of life happens to love beer, why? because it is  cheap and plenty. You can buy a bucket of beer for P250.00 that’s 6 bottles of it and that also includes either a plate of tacos or fries. You can also buy beer anywhere, you can avail one from a small store(which is in bottles) up to hypermarkets (where you can get both in can and bottled).

2. Machismo- Drinking beer gives our male species the so-called “machismo” effect-excessive masculinity . Some males feels that their “masculinity” increases  when they are holding and gulping beer, they are usually experiencing  this when they are on a pub or bars. Sometimes they are also feeling this one when they are drinking with females, why? because for them they can tolerate beer better than their counterpart because of beers taste, some women are actually not a fan of beer, they would rather have martini or champagne rather than tasting bitter beer.

3. Calming- Beer, believe it or not calms people not because of its alcohol content. The culprit for the latter is hops,female flower clusters, one of beer’s ingredient, or if you want to dig deeper, hops chemical component ,  dimethylvinyl carbinol,  is the one giving us a relaxing feeling, eases our tension and anxiety and calms our nervous system when we are gulping a beer.

4.Get together- Beer creates a great bond among friends and family. While drinking people tend to share each and everyones thought and feelings . Bitter sweet memories are being remembered, dreams and plans are being shared, debates are starting to fire on, laughter and at times sober are heard, every single thing that we had on our mind, we are able to share when we are drinking beer and having fun.

Drinking beer by the sea shore with reggae music on the background and chatting with friends is oooohhh so…. hmmm….I think I need to do this one, I mean, yeah I will plan this one, I would not just seat here and imagine drinking a below zero beer(which I love so much) by the beach (which is a great idea for next weekend).  I will plan this right away, tell my friends about it and who knows,  I might be writing on my next blog what had happen to me and my friends while drinking a below zero beer by the sea shore with reggae music on the background.